Surprise Proposal in Dumbo!

I was ecstatic when Drew wrote, telling me he was going to propose to his high school sweetheart, Amanda. They met when they were 16/17 and the rest was history! 

Leading up to the engagement, Drew was a little nervous... and running late. He was texting me from the cab, letting me know he was in crazy traffic and Amanda "took forever to get ready" - something my boyfriend has complained about for years. Luckily, this gave me plenty of time to scope out the perfect spot and to pretend like I was a tourist while light testing. 

My heart was beating like rapid fire through the whole proposal and I kind of blacked out? (I didn't). I think the photos pretty accurately capture the full range of emotion Amanda experienced through this sweet surprise. 

They are both lovely, kind, and generous human beings. My heart was so full at the end of our time together. <3